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Abit AT7 Max2 upgrade options


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Hi Folks


I'm currently running an Abit AT7-Max2 with 2 * Corsair 512MB DDR XMS3200C2PT


Whilst the system is quite old it's rock solid in terms of stability and the performance is still pretty good so I'm not planning to replace the system at this time


Where I am struggling however is lack of RAM, despite having 1GB in the system I'm frequently finding that it's no longer enough for some of the stuff I'm doing so I'm looking to add some more to the system.


Having read the manual and various websites about the RAM options for this motherboard I'm looking for some clarification (and hopefully feedback of other peoples experiences) as to what my options are.


Although the ram I have in there at the moment is capable of running at 400Mhz (PC3200) it's actually only running at 333Mhz (PC2700)


Based upon what I've read I should be able to have 2Gb of ram installed running at 333Mhz so the question is what combination of ram will work?


1. Can I just add another 2 * 512 DDR XMS3200C2PT?


2. Can I add a single 1Gb stick?


3. Do I need to replace the existing 2 * 512Mb sticks with 2 * 1Gb sticks?


4. Other Options?


Any advice/thoughts/personal experiences greatly received





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