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Memory Errors


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I have bought 2* 1GB DDR2 VS1GB533D2 in January and April 2006.


My system freezes or crashes from time to time, so I tested the memory with "MemTest86" and "Windows Memory Diagnostics".


Both tests reports errors on the modules.


I bought 2 other modules, to make sure that the mainboard is not the reason and it reports "No Errors", so I am sure that the Corsair VS1GB533D2 memory moduls have errors.


I have bought both modules from Amazon.de.


Please send me the address (I am from Germany) where I can send the corrupt modules. I hope you can replace them fast... (I need lots of memory)


Best regards


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I am still waiting for my replacement shipping. I have sent 2 modules to you, but have not heard back after I sent you the modules.


I have filled out your RMA and also got a valid number:


RMA Number: R136367

Part Number: VS1GBKIT533D2

Number of modules: 1


but I sent in 2 modules (both had errors)


Please help, I need my memory...

- Peter

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