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My Abit A8n-32x does not recognize my Corsair memory correct


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I have an abit A8N-32x and 4x512 Corsair 3200 Valueselect


The problem is that bios at Auto setting is recognizing my memories as DDR333 instead of DDR400


What should i do to fix that?



And please

Can someone give me the exact Specs of my Corsair memory so i put manually the settings in the bios


-DRAM CLOCK = (Should be 400 right??)

-CAS LATENSY TIME = (Should be 2.5 ?)


-MIN RAS# Active time= ?

-RAS# to CAS# Delay= ?

-RAS# Recharge Time= ?

-RAS# to RAS# Delay= ?

-Write recovery time= ?

-Write to Read delay=?

-Read to Write delay=?

-DRAM Command Rate=?

-Bank Interleaving=?

-Burst Length=?


-MTRR Mapping Mode= ? (Is set to Continuous at Auto)

-32 bit Memory Hole= ?

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Is the Corsair memories bad with most Abit motherboards or is it just me ??:confused:


I see plenty of compatibility issues with Corsair memory from several members with a ABIT sollution in these forum :[pouts:

Does ABIT screwed things up or is it Corsair fault ??




I have some similar problems with my Corsair memories and my Abit board beeing recognised the RAM wrong

and the memories seems fine


Maybe i will just avoid buying Corsair memory since i have a Abit sollution right now and try some other Ram company :sigh!:

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