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Failed Memtest


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i have the CPU set to 166mhz *11

and the memory option set to SPD whcih would be:



Also this is the wrong place but my Maxtor 80GB ATA hard drive is not recognized by the bios though it works fine in another computer


attention corrected memory timings

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I last posted in early July about how my RAM failed Memtest test 5. I got my computer running actually, but it is very unstable. I cannot at all get the frontside bus up to whats rated for my CPU - an AMD 2500+. I have the RAM set to 100% and right now have the FSB set to 144mhz. It's supposed to run at 166mhz. The system is so unstable that i cannot even stay on for five minutes. It just quits. It doesn't restart. It's like theres no video signal. I do not have the video card overclocked. I've tried speedfan to see if i could get the FSB up farther to 166mhz. in the OS but it automatically shuts down. I doubt its the CPU overheating; not even getting up to 35 degrees most times. I have the timings set right. Can I get an RMA or is there something else i should try first. I have no other memory to try.


One stick of Value Select 512mb, 400mhz


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