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Constant Crashing Since putting in my new ram

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I have been running very well with one pair of TwinX XMS3200 sticks for a few years now. I decided to get another pair of the same ram and now my system constantly restarts its self. I have tried removing all ram and placing one dim in at a time and it always crashes with the newer dims. The bios settings were left at default which had worked very well up until now.


My newer twinx sticks labels reads as such:

CMX512 - 3200C2PT XMS3202v5.2

XMS3200 512MB 400Mhz CL2


I was wondering if I had to change settings to something different for 2 gigs of ram as opposed to just one, or maybe I just got unlucky and the dims are bad.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but you should not mix memory with this MB, if you want to add to what you have you would need to try and match the same part# and revision.

I would suggest sending the new modules back if the reseller will let you and then find another use for the your old modules and just order a Twinx2048 set of modules for best performance.

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