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Bad ram module

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I purchased a Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT set about a year ago, everything has been fine up until today.


1. The computer will not post at all with both memory sticks installed. These are the only memory sticks in the computer.


2. Opened the computer and checked the ram sticks. One stick is very hot while the other is relatively cool.


3. Tested the cool stick only -- post okay. Tested the hot stick only -- did not post.


4. Tested another pair of memory in the same slots, computer posts without a problem so it is not a defective slot.


5. Tested the hot stick in another computer and it will not post with it installed.


I've concluded that there is something wrong with this stick of memory. It gets very hot when it is installed and simply won't allow any computer to post. What are your thoughts?

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