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Voyager 2Gb usb driver problem


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I received my new usb voyager today but my computer does not recognize it. It asks for the "usb embedded hub driver".... Which I can't find.

I m running under Win XP SP2 and I have no problems with any other usb device.


Thanks for helping me.

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I've tried this several times but it failed.


I found an other solution :


I put the key in an other PC (at work) and it was OK.


Then i picked up all the drivers /files it used (usb.inf / usbd.sys / usbehi.sys / usbhub.sys / usbstor.inf / usbstor.sys).


I put the in a directory on my PC and told Win to look in this dir. to find the drivers.


And now It's OK. Thanks


But i think I'll have to reformat my PC...

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Hi Alex59


I have the same flash memory as you and the same problem. I took it over to my son's PC and it work for me there. When I plug it into my front USB port and go through the install wizard, it says it can't find the software needed. I called Corsair Tech Support and was told it was the way they go about looking for the first USB port and by the time it gets to the front port on the PC it doesn’t know about it, or something to that effect. He said that my motherboard probably needed a more current driver upgrade. Well my PC repairman just got done reinstalling Windows XP for me 2 weeks ago due to a problem I had. The drivers were all current then and so he doesn’t have an answer for me. When he reinstalled Windows he didn’t reformat my HD, so I think that might be a problem right there because of that. I want to upgrade my HD to 180GB and add real memory with another 512K, so I decided to have him also buy a new motherboard. Have Windows XP reinstalled on the new HD. So we well see if I have a problem after all that is done. Sorry I don’t have an answer for you, just wanted to let you know that you weren’t alone and I feel your pain.


Take care,



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If you change MB's or re-install you should format the HDD and start fresh. That can most likely cause the problem. And just make sure that you have the latest chipset drivers expecially if your USB 2 controller if from VIA.
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