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Mobo broke my module!!!

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this is my situation.


I recently upgraded my mobo, processor and gfx card but kept my corsair platinum twin 3200c2pt 512MB modules. (purchased from Scan(uk) 2 years ago!).

Yesterday my pc failed to boot correctly and I finally narrowed the problem down to a memory fault. It appears that one of my memory channels has failed and the memory module in that channel is now not working. I have run memtest and on that module every test is a failure, a sea of red!!!! on the other module everything is fine. The machine boots ok on the ok module in the ok channel, but if i try the ok module in the dodgy channel nothing but beeps from my pc! likewise if i try the dodgy module in the ok channel nothing happens!


I have contacted the supplier of my 2 month old motherboard and they have agreed to a rma for the mobo. When I asked about the memory which failed because of the failure of the mobo they told me they will not replace my memory as it was not purchased from them.


The mobo involved is a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D


Can someone help me and give me the options available for this problem. Thanks,

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