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Flash Voyager 2GB USB, format / corrupt files


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I purchased a FV 2GB USB the end of May to replace same product which had the USB connector damaged. The new FV for the last 2 weeks has been causing problems with -


Drive Not Formatted,

Random errors reading files,

Not always formatting on the 1st attempt, FAT or FAT32,

Always fails on format if trying to partition.


Initially I stored 900MB on it but used it for reading only. Things got worse when writing to it, every time it's written to it won't read in any other PC.


If I reformat it and write some files it may be that 21MB is okay , 683MB fails after 10MB or so. If over 400MB goes on, checking the files right away gives corrupted files.


The PCs are various laptops, desktops with Win2000 and XP 32bit and 64bit, maybe 1 or 2 times Vista Betas . These PCs are the same ones as the previous FV worked on with no problems for 6 months.




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