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bad ram?

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I have 2 CMX1024 XMS3200 (400mhz CL2)


I have had them working in my system for 3-4 months, a couple of weeks ago after a Widnows update reboot my system would NOT boot.


Every time I turned it on, it would get to Windows logon screen and reboot OR it would reboot in safe mode or during bios screen.


I quickly removed 1 of the 2 RAM chips, and found that to RESOLVE the reboot problems.


I waited a week (no reboots, 1 RAM chip) and then tested again.


Now when I insert the "bad" ram chip, I just get system beeps and NO POST.


If I insert the "good" and the "bad" RAM chip I get the SAME THING!


If I insert the "good" RAM chip, all is well and Windows works just fine.


Does this sound like a DEAD RAM chip?



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