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Stability Issues With AM2 and Clock Multipliers


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Im planning on purchasing a 4200+ CPU which runs at 2200Mhz for use with an Asus board and 6400C4 RAM modules.


From reading this page http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2762&p=10 it appears the AM2 CPU's have a weird multiplier due to the multiplier running at only whole numbers.


The RAM will run at 733Mhz according to this formula derived from the above mentioned web page.


11 (multiplier) x 200Mhz (clock) = 2200Mhz CPU


2200 / 6 (half of the multiplier rounded up to nearest number) = 366.67Mhz


366.67 x DDR = 733.34Mhz RAM Speed


Now I dont mind running the DDR2 800Mhz capable memory at 733Mhz, but i am curious if this will cause stability issues.


Could someone please advise.



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