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Definetly Bad Memory

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I have a pair of Corsair Value Select VS512MB400 setup in Dual Channel mode. I've had intermittent errors for quite some time now and have had all kinds of trouble finding the problem. I've run NUMEROUS ( too many to count ) hard drive tests with the Western Digital utilites, Knoppix, Windows' own ScanDisk, and a few utilities off the Ultimate Boot CD, and my hard drives have turned out fine. Ive run MemTest for a couple passes quite a few times also but with no errors. Finally, recently, I ran the test over night ( and then again while I was at work ) on the memory with the MemTest x86 version 3.2 utility for a total of almost 200 passes and FINALLY got some errors ( only 4, but 4 is all it takes ). So I finally have my explanation for the VERY random program crashes, lockups, and straight hard boots. Im an A+ certified technician, and while I know that doesnt guarantee anything ( especially considering how easy it can be to get that certification ), Im 99.9% confident my RAM is bad. So now I would like to get it exchanged. Thank you.
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