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Bad stick of ram


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I have a stick of ram that I am pretty sure that is bad. I have had this ram for about 6 months now and it was used on my acer 2012wlmi notebook flawlessly until now. I currently have a VS512SDs333 and a VS1GSDS333 in the two slots that are user upgradeable. One day, I was trying to boot my notebook, when I heard a long continuous beep. I immediately turned it off and took out the 1GB stick and tested the 512 stick with memtest86. It went through 6 passes with no error. I did 6 passes on each slot and both tests passed with no errors. So I proceeded to test the 1GB stick and it failed on the first test with 20000+ errors. I thought maybe that it could be the slot so I tested the ram in the second slot and that failed memtest also. I am confident to say that I have a bad stick of ram. I would like to RMA the 1GB stick. Thanks.
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