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Broken ram, new ram doesn't cut it

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I had bought 2 512 sticks of corsair ram 3 years ago. served me well until now. one of them went dead. i swapped stuff out of my computer until i found which piece of hardware was making everything be crappy and when i took this stick of ram out, it all worked fine. I'm going to send it in to get RMA'd but heres my question.


I also bought another stick of ram. same stuff pc3200 ddr 400. 512mb. I don't know the latency though, i don't know if thats the issue or not.


i plugged this new ram into my computer and it just does a reboot cycle and never gets into window. it goes away right when i take the new ram out. Any ideas on how to fix this? or maybe i just picked up bad ram at the store?



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