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TWINX2048-4000PT / DFI NF4 Ultra-D : FSB 250 ???

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My newly bought TWINX2048-4000PT (XMS4000v1.1, 0621011-1) won't do FSB 250/DDR500 whatever I try.


Memtest86+ (1.6 and onboard 1.65) report errors at test #5, beginning at about FSB 247. Test #8 also gives errors, but not as many/frequent.




If using a "9/10" divider with FSB 255 (mem 233.8MHz), I can't use 2.5-3-3-8, I could have settled with that since I got good performance at that setting.

Either 2.5-4-3-8 or 3-3-3-8 is required to play games without crashing them (even tho SUPERPI 32M runs OK).



At FSB 250 I've tested with:


* Set timings manually to 3-4-4-8 1T (2T didnt make any differance)

(BySPD mobo sets 3-3-3-8, CPU-Z reporsts SPD as 3-4-4-10)

* Swapping modules in current slots

* Swapping modules to other slots (orange<->yellow slots)

* Flashed to newest BIOS

* Lowered multi and LDT (10 and 3)

* Increased core, ldt, and chipset volts

* tested vdimm 2.57-2.9v

* All other memory settings I've tried lowering and mixing (3 days tweaking)

* Copied other ppls settings with same ram/mobo


Before I bought this ram I ran my PC without any issues:


DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D

3700 San Diego - 11x255 @ 1.4v * 104%

LDT x 4 @ 1.2v

Chipset @ 1.5v

TWINX1024-3200XL v1.2 @ 2.8v (real 2.9v) 1:1 DDR510 2.5-3-3-8 1T

Tagan 480 U01

3 case fans


cpu at 11x255 gets to ~45C in Prime95


Seen posts at DFI forum, some oc these to 280, most are stuck near 255, some can't get to 250 even.


So...someone take me to 255 MHz !!!

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OK, just spent 2-3 hours memtesting the sticks individually:


Stick 1 produces errors at FSB 248, but cleared 12 rounds of test #8 @ FSB 247


Stick 2 produces errors at FSB 270, but cleared 3 rounds of test #8 @ FSB 267




3 rounds of #8 doesnt mean too much, I got errors at round 4 @ FSB 248, but still there is around 20MHz differance between the sticks, and the bad one can't do 250 in single channel.


BTW...if both sticks DO pass 250 seperately in single channel, but not in dual, is that then other hardware problem ? Like mobo/psu/mem controller ? Two sticks capable of 250 should always do 250 in dual channel ???



EDIT 2 //


Running 255 FSB, 9/10 divider(233.8MHz) 3-3-3-8....still games simply TERMINATE, especially on "load levels/respawns"...havent seen this before, worked 2-3 days






jesus what boring posts...


about rma...i have online shop that will require "full explanation", i wait for approval for rma, send in..wait for hsrdware testing, and get something back


what is your rma procedure??

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  • Corsair Employees
I think it would be best to go ahead and replace the modules for you. Please go to On Line RMA Request Form and fill out the form with all the required information. In the "Ticket#/PostID#" field please enter "254425" for your authorization. If after 1 day or 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, you do not get the RMA please send an email to warranty@corsairmemory.com and we will help to resolve it.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Got my replacement kit (RMA dealt with the online shop I bought 1st kit from)...


...this new kit isn't memtest stable too long at DDR500...took me 6 hours before I dared entering Windows with highest stable settings...~248MHz


But this new kit throws errors at 255 with 9/10 divider (233Mhz), test #5 with 3-3-3-10 timings (Trc tref etc all set slow), test 8 could go on 30 mins.


Neither stick passed 250Mhz individually. Error bits now always 00000010


Each RMA cost me US $20 + waiting + testing.


Very disappointed with these TWO bad kits.....:(:



EDIT ///


Been tweaking some more, 255 FSB with 9/10 divider = 233.8MHz with 3-4-3-7, couldn't lower any more w/o memtest showing test #5 errors. Previous kit booted normally cas 2.5...these won't..


got a worse kit after RMA...loooool !


Prime95 cleared nearly 8 hours blend test with above settings. That gives me 2-3% performance loss compared to 1:1 @ 2.5-3-3-8 (superpi, aquamark)... I think I dont wanna go thru any more time-consuming RMA processes, if these just stay stable. Havent gamed much yet, but HL2 EP1 ran well (where 1GB kit would make game crash...all RAM was used being used with GFX on high)

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  • Corsair Employees
Its proably just a setting or the configuration, please call our Tech Support at 1-800-205-7657 when you are in front of your system and we can try and help you solve the problem. Our hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time Monday thru Friday excluding holidays.
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I have moved them to the yellow slots (will also swap places in these slots), no change at all (not better or worse) and ran memtest..Kit just won't pass test #5 and/or #8 at 250MHz.


I also think most ppl run the test in full loops, and perhaps 250MHz would be possible that way...but running #8 only can generate errors after 15-20 mins (pass 3-4).


I will try flashing back BIOS to the factory shipped 23/6/2005 coz with current BIOS, A64 Tweaker shows "Disabled" for MEMCLOCK 2 and 3...now I also notice MEMCLOCK 1 is disabled..dunno know what it means, but I'm sure all were shown enabled 1 month ago.


I tested 3-4-3-7 at nearly 250MHz, didn't generate many more errors..I'll test how high they go at those timings, and compare with 3-4-4-8.


Haven't noticed VDIMM has any effect either...so I've set them to ~2.7v (selected 2.6v, bios shows 2.69v)

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I'm NO expert ...I'm not even a good newb...BUT....same RAM on a ASUS NF2 A7N8x2.0 Deluxe cudnt handle memtest until i went to 2.8v dimm , I'm also runnin at 1:1 tho and i LET the BIOS choose the timings. 4000PT LIKES 2.8v and 1:1 ratio :biggrin:
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I'm not sure, bro has been using it for programming 3-4 hours (while I was cheering beside, having Gin tonics)


The stable settings I memtested OK are mix of AUTO and even slower 'pre-set' settings = slower settings than all auto...it seems to work but performance is poor...tomorrow I can tweak for best perf

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No, later we played BF2 and it terminated after 5 minutes, so I set 9/10 divider again, played great all nite.


Today I've fiddled with the same above memtest stable settings (I can load/save 4 different configs): SuperPI 1M gave error after testing it ~10 times (ran Prime95 blend test 5min in between)..and I also think that running tests 5 and 8 for 30-40 mins WILL generate "more" errors than just looping the whole test, even for 10 hours.


To get memtest stable at 250 I need to lower settings so much that performance drops very much...even at 247 I can set the tight values: at 255 with 9/10 divider and best settings I get 1.0 second faster superpi1m than 1:1 250...even if that 250 was ROCK stable, i would not use it, only if I got it to 255.


I'm quite happy tho. No way I'm gonna spend another $20 sending packages, risking getting same RAM.


I say case is closed (hehe..literally !)

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I'm NO expert ...I'm not even a good newb...BUT....same RAM on a ASUS NF2 A7N8x2.0 Deluxe cudnt handle memtest until i went to 2.8v dimm , I'm also runnin at 1:1 tho and i LET the BIOS choose the timings. 4000PT LIKES 2.8v and 1:1 ratio :biggrin:


There are 100 posts about this and 4000PT - 80% say low voltage helped them, some might gain using higher. I've tested whole mobo range 2.57-2.90v...I know I was at a sweet spot (1-2 Mhz lower FSB and I would be stable), volts did not help me.

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Flashed back to same BIOS I had originally (june 23 2005), but changing TWCL from AUTO, wont boot the PC...long beeps. Tried at both 200Mhz, 250Mhz, with 1 & 2T, tested twcl 2 and 3.


A64 Tweaker again show "MEM CLK 0-3" all enabled..feels better even tho I dont know what means...

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  • 2 months later...

Since my two kits wouldn't do 255MHz, I started oc'ing gpu and cpu.


Today I run my rig: cpu 10x290 1.47v, mem 166 divider @ DDR483, 3-4-3-6 1T 2,71v, rig is more powerful today and I've learned much more of oc'ing.


Been comparing DDR500 reviews vs mine, MB/s are about equal..just that mine wont do above 249 or similar, but compensated with tightest possible settings.


3DMark2001 SE: 33830, SUPERPI 1M 29,07s


Today, if I got working pair at 250 MHz (and not above), I wouldn

't hesitate: put divider back on :)


CPU MHz is King !

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