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RAM/motherboard problems

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Hello everyone. I hope the group can help me with RAM/motherboard issues I have been having. Sorry if this gets wordy, but want to provide you with all necessary info to resolve this problem.


I have 2 Corsair VS512MB533D2 DIMMs and 2 VS256MB533D2 DIMMs installed in an Intel 945 Gnt motherboard. The CPU is Intel D920 and case is Antec Sonata II. All were purchased early in the year.


The motherboard has had previous problem(s) with seating. Initial install of the 512MB DIMMs resulted in constant series of beeps. Obtained the 256 MB DIMMs and installed in place of 512s. No change (N/C). Re installed 512s and was able to POST correctly. Added 256s and constant beeping returned.

256s returned to store and found bad. New 256s installed - all OK.


The latest problem was that the PC was completely dead (no POST) after working fine for weeks. I removed all drives (HDD/DVD/floppy) N/C. I removed the 256s and moved 512s to bank 1 (blue sockets) N/C. I removed 512s and got the 3 beep code for no RAM installed. I reinstalled all DIMMs - no POST.


I intend to return the 945 Gnt to store for test and (if needed) RMA today.

I have another motherboard to verify case/power supply, but do not want to damage the old (ECS P4VXASD2+) motherboard.



I assume BIOS retreives the DIMM information (the speed of the DIMM) and also not allow the operating voltage to be exceeded. Am I correct?


Are there any known issues with Intel 945 Gnt boards? Is it possible my power supply is at fault?


I appreciate any assistance.

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I forgot to add that all BIOS settings are defaults. I do not intend to overclock either RAM or CPU.


I purchased quality parts to get a stable and reliable system.


Again, thanks to all for you assistance.

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