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XMS Burnt Out

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I turned my PC on this morning and noticed a nasty electrical smell coming from inside of it. I turned it off right away and took it apart trying to find what went wrong and noticed one of the gold chips on the memory that plugs into the motherboard is now black and the sticks stink of electrical smoke :eek:

PC won't turn back on :(: Always used a surge protector too...


Specs are:


MSI K7N Delta2

Athlon 2400+

9800Pro 128MB

XMS3500 512 and XMS3200 512

Codegen 400Watt PSU

WD 30Gb Harddrive

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XMS burnt smell when i start my pc... A part of the plastic was burnt, and windows freeze when i use it. 3 other module works perfectly (same model)

I don't know what to do with it, waranty seller out of date (purchase date : 24-03-05) Help please...

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