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133X SD 1GB Failure

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I was using a USB card reader to transfer some music to my 133x SD 1GB flash card. After copying several files over, it stopped accepting new files. I could read the files on the card and it was about half full.


I then took the card out of the reader and installed it into my Treo 650 to see if the songs would play. The Treo couldn't see any files on the card and the name of the card had been changed to jibberish. I put it in my notebook's built-in card reader and no files were on the card.


Sometimes, when I insert the card into a reader, my computer sees the card, sometimes it doesn't.


I have another 64MB SD card, and all the devices can read it just fine. Something has gone wrong with my Corsair 133x SD 1GB card.


Is there some way to recover from this? The FAQ said not to format it.

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