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Asus A8V Deluxe and CMX512-3200XL


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I purchased my Alienware system a couple years ago. Since that time I have had numerous and sporadic lockups. I happened upon a post in another forum that indicated 4 sticks of CMX512-3200XL will run at DDR333 levels instead of DDR400 levels.


I have tried manually setting the proper values in my Asus A8V BIOS so the memory will run at DDR400, but I get errors when testing with memtest86+. As long as I leave BIOS memory settings to "Auto" with 4 sticks I don't get any errors, but the memory runs at DDR333.


Q. I am wondering if 4 sticks of CMX512-3200XL can run at DDR400 in this motherboard?


Q. Also, can 4 sticks in this motherboard cause the types of symptoms I have been having (i.e. random lockups requiring hard reset?) This occurs during working on the desktop or occasionally during games. There is no consistency to the problem. I have reloaded the system to default install many times and the lockups still occur so I believe it is hardware related.


Rather than continuing to chase my tail with this issue I have pulled two of the sticks of CMX512-3200XL today and am now running properly at DDR400. I have run memtest86+ for about 5 passes today and it's fine. I am planning to run with 1GB (2x512 in blue slots) for a bit to see if I experience lockups again.


Many thanks for your help or information on 4 of these modules in this motherboard. I really am hoping that this may be the solution to all my lockup issues.



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Thanks Wired. I had found some info on this, but some people claimed you could in fact get 4 sticks working at DDR400 speeds by manually setting the BIOS (i.e. something other than "Auto"). However, as I said, there have been quite a few reports from end users that this does not work. It seems that with some AMD CPUs this is impossible? I have the FX-53. I am curious as to why this is the case...


What I am even more interested in is if someone can tell me if 4 sticks in this motherboard running at DDR333 cause the types of symptoms I have been having with random lockups requiring a hard reset.


Thanks again.



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