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IWill DPI-533 wont boot with new corsair ram


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I own an IWill DPI-533 motherboard with Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz CPU's using 2 modules of 512MB 2100 ecc registered RAM. NO problems after 2 years.


Today I purchased 2 modules of CM74SD1024RLP-2100/S. Took out the old RAM and loaded the new RAM and when I boot I get long beeps and it wont boot no matter what slots I load the RAM into.


As my mobo is spose to handle ecc registered at this speed I dont see what the problem is.


I tested the new modules in another pc and it had the same problem. I also tested my old 512MB modules in the other pc and it worked fine.


What is wrong?


Thanks for any help.

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Im hestitant to update the bios because last time I did it, the new bios didnt take and I had to order another bios chip.


I have already tried clearing the cmos and ONLY using the corsair modules.

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OK I took the plunge and flashed my bios to DPI0704. It worked perfectly.

I reset the cmos and put in new corsair ram.


I am still not able to boot and it still BEEEEEPPPPSSS.


I put old ram back in and it booted. I setup cmos and booted as normal.


Is this ram compatible or are they faulty?



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Lets RMA the modules and have them tested. Please follow the link"I think I have a bad part. What do I do?" And locate the request a RMA at "Q: I'm not having good luck with the retailer/reseller. What do I do now?"
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