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Asus M2N-E and VS1GBKIT667D2


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Hi, I've been struggling for days with my new system. I successfully installed XP pro and XP 64 last week, but games started crashing in both OS's, particularly Battlefield2 (which i play too much).


I decided to reinstall Windows, but now I get blue screens and file copy errors during setup. Currently running memtest as the blue screens seem to indicate a memory problem ( PFN_LIST_CORRUPT ).


Are there any issues between the M2N-E and the valueselect 1Gb kit, VS1GBKIT667D2 ?


I have latest bios and have loaded setup defaults.



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Thanks Ram Guy.


Memtest came back fine with no errors. I couldn't raise the voltage to what you suggested as my board only has the option of 1.95v max. I set it to that and the system is much more stable, but I have just had a reply from Gainward who say that my PSU needs to be more powerful.


Looks like I'll have to get a new PSU :[pouts:


Thanks again

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