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Nautilus 500 Can it work with Cpu,vga and nf4 chip?


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Hi there


Sorry for my enlish at first. I already got a VGA block and a chip block, can I connect them with Nautilus 500, if so, what the effect will be? Is this Nautilus 500 can be competent for all of these?


Regards, Yishi

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I'm running the nat500 with a CPU waterblock and 2 GPU waterblocks. So 3 total waterblocks.

I haven't had any issues with the extras.

As long as you don't have kinks in the line, you should be fine.


I have the Nautilus 500 installed on just my CPU. I have two 7900GS graphics cards in SLI that I would like to cool with the current Nautlius-500. So I would like to have a setup simillar to yours, with my current Nautilus 500 unit cooling 3 things: CPU, GPU, GPU.


Could you tell me what I will need (pipes, waterblocks, clamps, connectors) and how I would set it up? Thanks!

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