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HydroCool 200 EX Question


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If I use a different waterblock the fitting size is 1/4 ID, right?




Yes, a 1/4" fitting cold-block is required. There are not many 1/4" fitting cold-blocks out there these days.


I know of one good 1/4" cold-block made by Koolance. Model CPU-300-H06. You will need to order the LGA-775 Socket-T adapter, P/N BKT-CP005K-E. http://www.koolance.com


If you upgrade the tubing to 3/8" OD and quick-disconnects to 3/8" flow, your options are greater for cold-blocks choices. See my, HydroCool 200 merge with The COOL, thread in the forums for the parts to order.


You will need a new thermal probe with any new cold-block. That same thread mentioned above has the info. Look into the thread postings since Radio Shack no longer carries this part. Order the part from Omega instead.


If you plan on keeping the original HC cold-block, you would need parts from the hardware store. Make sure to get nylon washers and spacers to protect the MOBO.




The BEST solution ... ( I saved the best for last. Pun intended too. :D: )


Just purchase the Scythe CPU Cooler - Universal Retention Kit from http://www.frozencpu.com :sunglasse P/N SCURK01 :biggrin: $10USD+shipping. http://www.frozencpu.com/bra-07.html Just make sure the MOBO has room for the Socket-478 bracket to mount. This is a really robust kit.


This kit will convert a LGA-775 to a Socket-478 hold-down. Then you can just use your regular Intel bracket and two clips that came with the HC.


The Scythe kit is the most sought after for people upgrading to LGA775 Socket-T and wanting to keep their Socket-478 cooling solution.


Hope this helps a bunch! You have a few good options to consider. :biggrin:

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I took a look at the 4 legged spidery thingy from Italy and I'm afraid I'll need it. The thingy isn't so exspensive, but they only ship here by FedEx! Oh well, I do like the strange exotic parts.


I suppose I could cement the water block on:bigeyes:




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I shouldn't have ordered the four legged spidery thingie from Italy:eek:


I got the Scythe today and it works perfectly. Very well thought out and well made. It does add a copper spacer plate for LGA775. Do you think this will affect cooling on the very hot 805 chip? I ran a quick and dirty test outside of the case to see if it would boot and the chip on the stock cooler was running around 65C:bigeyes: That seems awfully hot.


At any rate for anybody that needs to put a socket 478 cooler on another type of chip, the Scythe is tops.



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