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Confused about voltage...


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Hello RAM Guy, pals!! :):


This is my first post, since i recently bought the TwinX1024 3200C2.


I´ve read a couple of questions related to this memory and system settings, but im still a little bit confused... I own a A8n-E MOBO, and since i installed this pair of memory, i´ve changed manually the settings on BIOS to 2-3-3-6, and it´s working perfectly! In Everest it says my memory voltage is 2.6V, and the speed 55ns...


Is this voltage ok?? Why most ppl here have around 2.7/2.75V and im getting only 2.6V?? Is it recommended to increase this voltage in Asus Boost utility?


And the Command Rate on BIOS.... should i try to decrease it to 1T or keep on using 2T?


Sorry about the lame questions, but i´m not a expert on memories, and im just trying to get the best from my system!! ;):


When i get home i´ll post more details about my BIOS settings and Everest lecture.


Hope to hear from you guys!! Thanks in advance!!

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