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Faulty 1GB VS1GB400C3 memory module

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I bought two sticks of 1GB VS1GB400C3 memory last October.

The memory has run perfectly until a week or so ago when my system started to reboot itself.

I found the fault was one of the memory sticks. The bad stick won’t work in any slot for more than 2 minutes into a windows boot while the other stick is 100% stable


I have updated my motherboard bios to the latest revision and installed the latest chipset drivers just to make sure it wasn’t a system problem. I have also checked the bios is detecting the correct memory speeds for the module, which it is.


I made a memtest86 dos disk and tested both sticks of memory separately.

The bad stick fails almost immediately while the good stick reports no problems even after several hours of testing.

I performed these tests 3 times (swapping the slot and making sure the ram was seated correctly) just to make sure.


I have also tried setting the memory speeds lower (333Mhz and higher timings) in the bios and upping the DDR voltage but memtest still fails.


The 2 sticks of memory were purchased together last October from Scan computers in Bolton, UK.

I contacted them about a possible return but because I no longer have the original sales receipt they are unable to accept a return.


I would like to RMA the memory back to corsair for testing and replacement if possible.





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I would encourage you to get them both replace so both modules are the same part, we do have a new BOM since they were first built and some MB's are quite picky when it comes to memory!
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