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Bad Stick: CMX1024-3200C2 1 of 2 sticks


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About 3-4 months ago I purched a matched pair of CMX1024-3200C2 (XMS3202v2.2 060100-3).


Last night, my system (running Windows XP Professional) blue screened with a stop error. After a bit of investigation I determined that it may be a problem with memory.


The motherboard I use is an Epox 9NPA+SLi. It has 4 memory banks available. I have my matched set of RAM in banks 2+3, which 0+1 were empty. I ran Memtest 86 and it reported thousands of errors immediately.


I opened the case and move both sticks of ram to Banks 0+1, leaving 2+3 empty. I ran Memtest again and it had the same results.


I removed the module from bank 1 and Memtest completed with no errors. I replaced the stick in bank 1 with the one I now suspected as faulty, and ran Memtest. Memtest generated thousands of errors, the same results I recieved when I had both sticks in.


The machine has been running for ~12 hours now with one of the two sticks installed and has had no problems. I do not overclock the machine at all, and the processor is very cool (~45 degress under load).


Question 1: I beleive the stick of ram is faulty and would like to RMA it. It seems I need to post here in order to get authorized for the RMA. Please offer any suggestions that you may have, or let me know that I should request the RMA.


Question 2: I purchased a matched pair for performance reasons. When/IF I RMA the bad stick, should I send both in? I definately would like to retain a matched pair configuration.

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