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corsair twinx xms ddr500 2048 , both modules bad ?

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I have bought memory as in the title about 6 months ago and at first i didnt have any trouble with it but after a few months my pc started randomly rebooting , sometimes before it did so i got a memory error and than it rebooted , sometimes i didnt , than when it rebooted sometimes it didnt load windows and somtimes it did , also randomly !

I have ran memtest86 and after 10 hours it gave me about 50 miljon errors ? :s

So i tried to run with 1 memory module , with 1 module my pc just wouldnt load windows so i thought i had the right module ( the broken one ) and used the other one , this gave me no problems at all but when i run memtest86 on this "good" module it also gives errors :s !


Does someone possibly know what is going on here ? I have tried upping ddr voltage , flashing my bios , checked for virusses , hell i think i tried everything !


A quick answer would be great because i want to go to the shop tomorrow !


Many thanx in advance !! And sorry for my bad english !



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XMS4000v1.1 = XMS code

0602105-2 = lot code

Part number = CMX1024-4000PT


Since nothing helped to make my modules run like they should i have choosen in my bios to set everything back to default settings , the only thing i have changed is disabling cool & quiet !

I have no performence settings changed or anything at this moment ..


Thx for fast reply !!

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