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xms3205v1.2 pair & xms3202v5.2 pair filling all 4 slots


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Heres the short and sweet of the issue at hand.


A year ago I bought a PC and equipped it with 1GB CMX512-3200LL (XMS3205v1.2) and it was AMAZING. Best performing RAM I'v ever had in a PC.


Today I decide to upgrade to 2GB so I go out to buy another pair like I had previously. To my dismay, the LL series of the DDR400 is no longer being sold(?) so I had to decide on the C2 or XL.


The XL was too much $$ compared to the C2, and I'm not an overclocker so I decided for the C2.


Got home, REMOVED my LL and set it aside, popped the C2 in, and ran CPU-Z. 200mhz showed BUT the timings were showing 3-3-3-8 (or 3-4-4-8, either way something stupid, not the advertised 2.5-3-3-6 for AMD systems). Right away I thought "uh oh, problems".


I figured id manually set the correct timings/speed. Went to the BIOS, set 2:1 DDR400 manually, and set the CL manually to 2.5....... reboot, doesnt POST.


So I sigh and pop the battery out, and figure "well it cant get much worse than this, lets try it with the LL. So I pop the LL into slots 3 and 4, and turn the computer on.


I check CPU-z again and its detecting my LL timings correctly, C2 timings are still FUBAR'd, but NOW my memory speed is 129mhz (not the normal 200mhz).


Whats going on here? Anyone know if this memory is bad and needs to be returned?


Im pretty sure as long as the memory is CMX-3200 the 2 pairs should be jamming together, but the different timings could be messing it up?

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I have already answered you in another post. Please just use one post and do not create multiple threads asking the same question that is very time consuming and not fair to the other posters.
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