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Shuttle SB95P V2 & VS1GB533D2


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Can someone please help me i have just built a new system in a Shuttle Barebone SB95P V2 and it will not boot at all with either one or both memory modules installed. I have 2 x VS1GB533D2 DDR2 modules and i was wondering if anyone knows if there is any compatability issues with this memory and my system?

I found this note in the manual on the web site but i don't know if my RAM is x16 or x8 as i cannot find this info on the corsair web site and i'm not familiar with the term.


Install memory in any or all of the banks. The combination shown as follows.

Note: 1. Maximum installed memory is 2GB.

2. Double-side X16 DDRII DRAM chips are not supported.

3. Registered DIMM are not supported.

4. Only unbuffered without ECC DIMM are supported.

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