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2Gb of TwinX PC3200 2-2-2-5 with ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe


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Hi. Would you be able to check out my bios settings to see whether my current settings are correct and whether I should change anything for even better performance? My system is stable and performance seems quite good. When I contacted Corsair last time, they suggested higher latency for when I added another Gb and then to change to lower latency if system stable. I have done this and checked it Memtest and no errors were found. Thanks:):


AI Overclock Tuner: Manual

CPU External Freq. (Mhz) 200

Dram Freq (400 Mhz)

AGP/PCI Freq. (Auto)

CPU VCore Voltage (Auto)

DDR Reference Voltage (2.85)

AGP VDDQ Voltage (1.50v)

Performance Mode (Turbo)



Advanced Chipset Settings


Config. Dram Timing by SPD (Disabled)

Dram CAS# Latency (2.0 clocks)

Dram RAS# Precharge (2 clocks)

Dram RAS# to CAS# Delay (2 clocks)

Dram Precharge Delay (5 clocks)

Dram Burst Length (8 clocks)

Mem acceleration mode (Auto) could this be enabled?

Dram Idle Timer (Auto)

Dram Refresh Rate (7.8uSec) I changed this from auto


Graphics Aperture Size (128mb)

Spread Spectrum (Enabled)

ICH Delayed Transportation (Enabled)


MPS Revision (1.4)

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That's pretty damned good getting four of those XL modules to run together at 2-2-2- and I'm not sure there's anything else you can do for more performance.


I would NOT reccommend turning on the memory accelerator setting since it will arbitrarily set things that should not be set. You can try it and see what happens, but my guess is it'll make things unstable.


Nice job so far.




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