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Bad stick. Fails Memtest in 2 machines


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I have a pair of ValueSelect 512MB DDR moduals. Model: VS512MB400


A while ago, I began to get random blue screens. They were few enough that I didn't think too much of it and never spent any time on troubleshooting it. Then, suddenly, the computer went down with a blue screen and would not boot back into windows. I just got a blue screen every time. So I tested the memory.


One stick fails memtest in two machines after only a couple of minutes.


I guess the biggest question I have is do I need to send both back, or can I get some sort of cross-shipping? Or a better question is will both be replaced since they both came in a dual channel pack?


Otherwise, unless anyone has any suggestions for further testing, I just need to generate an RMA.

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I have the same problem.


running in an asus a8v deluxe motherboard with amd 3200+ 64bit processor.

bios settings are stock for both the processor, bus and ram.


one module shows errors and the other doesn't, so i'm wondering the same thing...should i send both back? and if so, i'll be out of a computer...or do i just send the one, and risk that the one that is returned doesn't match for DC.


please give me advice as to how to proceed with an RMA.


thank you,



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Thanks for the prompt reply!


Here lies the problem. Do I send both back or just one?

If I send 1 then i can still have the use of my computer (since only one is corrupt).

If I send both, my computer will not be useable until i get them back from you.


Also, if I send one, will it be compatible for DC...since they are a "matched pair".


sorry for the confusion



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