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Corsair Value Select DDR400 & Gigabyte MB


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Has anyone else experienced problems with this memory and Gigabyte motherboards? I returned my first kit as the computer would not boot-did not recognize the memory modules.

I just tried a second kit and get the same problem!


Gigabyte: GA-81848P775-G

Corsair: DDR400 1 GB Memory Module Kit


Motherboard states it supports DDR400, 184 pin DIMM's, and that is what I ordered. Strange that both kits failed to boot, while an old PC3300, 512MB memory module works fine.

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Found out my problem is with the Gigabyte Motherboard -

not Corsair memory!! One stick works fine, but when I try

to boot with both 512GB sticks, computer would not post!


So, my new MB is faulty - only one memory slot works out

of three!!



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