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need post ID # for RMA


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stock SPD-detected timing

no overclock.

nforce3 chipset, sempron 3100 cpu


Something flaky with this stick of RAM. The machine (machine A) was unstable, so I did some diagnostics:


1) ram memtest86, looped the test for about an hour, passed fine.

2) fails prime95 almost immediately

3) windows crashes erratically.


I replaced the PS with a good quality 450W from FSP/fortran. no effect.


I have another nearly identical (same motherboard/CPU) machine (machine B) which also had a stick of VS1GB400C3 in it that works just fine. So, I swapped the memory.


After swapping the memory, the previously stable machine (machine B) was crashing and unstable, and the previously unstable machine (machine A) started working just fine.


So the stability problem followed the RAM.


I tried bumping the RAM voltage 0.1V but this didn't improve the stability.

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