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dell xps M1710


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I have been looking for 1 gb 667 module for my dell xps M1710, which is using the same motherboard with E1705.


Will this work with my laptop? I know the system select doesn't have this ram, but will it work? I have seen people bought these ram and works, any official statment of compatibility?


If these are not for i945 chipset, then what are these for?


I am getting tired of trying to find a company to back up their product and proudly say "Our xxxx ram will work with your dell xps M710." All the ones I can find is only 533Mhz.

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Corsair Memory Modules Compatible with the Dell XPS M1710



CMSS512MB-533SOD 512MB

CMSS256MB-533SOD 256MB


Search the forum. Long story short, VS memory will probably work fine w/ OEM systems, but it's not recommended to mix it w/ OEM memory, whereas the System Select memory will work with it fine.


If you're looking for a guaranteed answer, go with Dell's recommendation:


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