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Hello !

About a few days, i worked with my computer and sudently my computer shuted down. After that, i've tried to power on again and...nothing ! just some long bip.

A friend of mine told me to remove one of my memory. After a few try, i've found the problem. I have 2x2 twinx and one of these module memory failed.

When i remove the failed module, my computer boot normaly and when i place this "failed" module, my computer do some long bip again.

I've cheked my bios and everything is ok. I don't overclock.


what do you think ?


Best regard,




ps: sorry for my bad english

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Ok, i've cheked the voltage on bios.

i've tested the modules one at a time and the result is simple :

The first one : the computer boot normaly

The second one : the computer won't boot. I have only some long beep.

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