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New TwinX Memory issue


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OK, I just received my new memory. Crucial TWINX2048-3200.

I installed it in my PC. HP/Compaq D530c. Which a business pc, with no alterations. When I power on the box I get 5 beeps, repeated over and over again. HP support says this is the result of incorrect or bad memory. (HP specs say it should support PC 3200-400...)

I tried all slots, in pairs and alone with the same result.

Is there something I can do or do I need to return memory for different model??


Thanks for your help... :(: :confused: :confused:

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1. It's not XXXXXX, you did it again :)

2. There's a lot more to memory specs than just the speed.


CMSS parts are built with a restricted bill of materials deemed to provide the best compatibility with OEM systems.


TwinX / CMX memory is high end memory that among other things, requires higher voltage than normal. OEM systems don't have the capability to provide the higher voltage, among other things.


What CPU / FSB do you have?

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