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DFI CFX3200-DR + TwinX 2048-4400Pro - What timings use for this DDR?


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I have decided buy this Kit of 2Go ( TwinX PC4400pro), I m using the dfi CFX3200-DR and first i have not the DDR yet, i will have them in some days,..

Î need some info for set the DDR stable in bios..

I have allways need use specific timings for my DDR's in bios with DFI so, what is the complete list of timings for this board? tRC - tRFC -trrd - trw -trtw - twtr - "TREF"-

I need too the MAL, read Premamble, DDS/DDDS clock timings skew etc..)


I use an Opty 150 under H2o, and actually the bios 043c beta for the DFI.




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I have got my DDR this afternoon, and have just finsih stabilise the kit at 550mhz @1T, ( nice DDR i like the Leds.. look really nice on the DFI with all my UV and blue leds..) the kit was a dream to configure, when i look back and remember some BH5 i have use on some DFI..Nice Job Corsair team!! ;):


With stock settings, but will go for tight them then..




2.75V, Data drive strenght and DDDS at 4.0ns / level 1 ( reduce 50%)

Data drive skew memory buffer of chanel B.. delayed at -300ps

All seems fine i have set all timings but i have just leave auto the 6 timings:



Like you see it on the screens the TRWT is really high at 8.. i think at 4 or 3 it should be fine..


any advice on some timings, i can tight or need be modified?



An other ask is about the Chips used on the kit: i have read on many review it's infineon, but what type exactly?

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