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Bad memory module ?

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I have bought 2 memory sticks, 512MB each, about three weeks ago. After installing, I have not used my notebook much until last week. I have a lot of blue screens then it reboot by itself. I ran the memtest86+ last night, after running 32 min, it had:


994 errors in test#5

2048 errors in test #6.


I ran the same test with my old memory, I do not have any error. I never have this kind of blue screen, rebooting errors with my old memory while using this notebook for 4 years.


Do you think I have bad memory modules ? Please let me know if I need to try any different test to confirm memory is bad before I send them in for replacement.


Thanks you for your time.





My computer is

Compaq Presario 2100

Athlon XP-M 2800+


These are numbers I copied from the label on memory module.


0621236-2 -938803

0612083-1 -921681

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I have submitted RMA form online. I didn't get the reply, I send email Warranty@corsairmemory.com with the RMA form and still not get any reply. I have done those about a week ago. Today, I try to contact with both phone numbers (couple times):


(510) 657-8747 x260



but they are busy or the lines are disconnect.


Could you please tell me what to do now.



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