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A couple of questions


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First, I purchased 2Gb TwinX Matched cmx1024-3200 400 pair from Amazon.com

One module came with what appears to be excess solder on Pins 44 and 45, The Wholesaler told me to contact Corsair for repair and they also stated they removed the UPC for "Business purposes".


and when the other module was installed into a Dell dimension 4600, I recieved a series of beep codes and never made it past post. Is this memory not compatible with my System.


If it is what can I do to get these problems resolved:(:


cpu-z shows 800mhz FSB

Mobo. Intel i865/PE/G/i848P

82801EB (ICH5)

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By UPC do you mean the Corsair sticker as shown here?

How To Read the Memory Label


If so, they certainly should not have removed it, nor is there any reason why they should have. You mentioned Amazon, then wholesaler. Amazon = wholesaler I take it?


No, TwinX / CMX memory is not compatible with Dell systems.


Corsair Memory Compatible with the Dell Dimension 4600



CMSS512MB-400 512MB

CMSS256MB-400 256MB

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Amazon1Best is the wholesaler on Amazon.com. I think I got ripped off. they said that if I shipped it back because of the defect that it would take about a month to process the paperwork, then pawned it off to Corsair. I'm gonna take it up with Amazon warranty

Thank you for the info I was lied to on the compatibility also.

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