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Asus A8NSLI-32 and Corsair PC3500LL Pro 2Gig

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I LOVE THIS RAM!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing stuff from Corsair.


This is what I have achieved so far:-

220 2-3-2-6

250 2.5-3-2-6

265 3-3-2-8 2.85V


I want to hit higher and compete against ******** PC4000EB etc. I believe this ram can do it.


Anyone had this combination of mob/ram, please share your template. This ram is GORGEOUS!!! I want to hit higher on FSBs, any hint on what to play with??


Guys, what other timings in particular do I need to play with -any hint to get higher than 265 FSB with 3-3-2-8 ?? I have no idea how to adjust preamble and Tref settings.




Anyone :heh: Pls share your experiences. :) Is it worth playing with preamble and tref??

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What mem divider are you using?


I have tried to get mine that high but I cant get it to boot with out using a divider of 133. I am running timings of the recomend 2-3-2-6 1T. My FSB is at 320 x9= 2880 on my opty 165 with 1.4v. I may try the timings you have listed to see if I can use a different dvider to get my Mhz up on my memory.

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