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I purchased 4GB (1gb x4) of CM72SD1024RL-3200/S EEC modules from newegg.com awhile ago for a server I built. Two of the memory modules have went bad in the past 2 weeks. I took each one out and put it in by itself to find out which ones were causing the problems. 2 of them would not boot giving me memory error beeps when turning the system on. The other 2 worked fine. They were all put in the same slot (CPU1, SLOT1) when tested. I cannot run any types of memory testers because the system will not boot with either of these 2 modules, in any slot. The other 2 test out fine.


I cannot troubleshoot these modules any further because I do not have any other computers that support EEC ram and this is a live business server that needs to be online 24x7.


My motherboard is a ASUS K8N-DL Server motherboard.


I'd like to RMA these for replacement ASAP.



Scott L.

American Fastening Systems

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