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Optimal settings for my rig?

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My system is:


A8N32-sli Deluxe

Opty 165 CCB1E-0610

Zalman 9500 cpu cooler

XMS3500LL Pro 2gb

WD 74gb Raptor 16mb

7900gt Signature Series

500watt Thermaltake PSU

Tsunami Dream case


I am looking for some help with the timings. I have read a good bit but I am just not real sure about making the adjustments. The timings now are 2,2,2,5.

That is at 280 FSB and a 166 divider, 4X. I cant go any higher and I believe it to be that my timings are to tight. I can run prime stable by dropping the divider down to 100 for hours at 311 FSB. I guess my question is what timings should I run. Also what is the maxium freq. I should try to push thes too? Thanks for the help.

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