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Problem with TWINXP1024-3200XL


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I am having a problem with my TWINXP1024-3200XL memory.


When I install the DIMMs in the system, it powers on but will not proceed to POST - nothing displays on the screen.


If I install one of the two modules (I'll call it DIMM A) by itself, the system POSTs fine and can be used.


If I install the other module (DIMM B) by itself, the system will NOT POST and displays nothing on the screen.


I have two different systems that support PC3200 memory and the problem is repeatable on both systems.


No other memory is installed at the time of testing.


How can I return this memory for warranty service? I purchased this memory back in November 2005, so I do not anticipate that the reseller I purchased it from will give me any sort of a return availability.





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