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Odd problems...


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Hello, I've got some odd issues that I think my ram is causing...


Just built this pc a little while back (almost 2 months), and just started having problems getting it to boot/start. It wants to lock up on the WinXP splash screen. :(:


A tech buddy of mine said it sounded like memory problems, and directed me to download the memtest86 program.


I made a cd with the ISO, and after letting the program run for a while, it counted 733 errors before displaying "Unexpected Interrupt - Halting", and locking up. :eek:


I bought all the parts from newegg, and the memory was purchased as a "matched memory pair" kit.


Stating all of this, I have several questions..

Should I run more diagnostic tests on the memory?

If so, what else should I do?


In the event that the ram is bad, who do I need to go through? Newegg or Corsair?


If just one module is bad, will both need to be replaced due to them being a matched pair?



Thanks in advance!

Brooks :D:

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This is on both sticks.


The ram/proc settings are stock. I'm not much of a overclocker.


Memory CLK 200mhz

CAS Latency 3.0

RAS/CAS delay 3clk

minactive RAS 8clk

row precharge time 3clk

RAS/RAS delay 2clk

row cycle 9clk

row refresh 13clk

read/write delay 2clk

read preamble 5.5ns

asynchronous lat 7ns



If you need more settings just let me know, and thanks for getting back to me so quick!


Do you think I should try to go through newegg or you guys? :confused:


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Turned out better than I was expecting... Talked to a guy & he went through the bios settings with me, then ran memcheck again. No errors after 2 passes.

I'll be rebooting the pc from time to time to see if it locks up again.

I'm glad I didn't have to send the ram off! :):

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