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New ECS model RS485M-M


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Hello, last week I took the plunge and bought a brand-new model of motherboard from ECS Elitegroup, the RS485M-M, using the ATI chipset of RS-485 northbridge and SB-460 southbridge. It's only been shipping since early June, and I only have the manual to go by when trying to figure out what memory I should get for it. There is a short Qualified Vendors List of approved modules for various speeds and sizes, however I was figuring on buying DDR2-667, and getting a 2 GB dual channel pair (manual says dual channel is supported) and there are no modules listed of that speed and size, very little at all in the QVL for the 1 GB size.


The Corsair web configurator does not have it in the database, neither does Crucial, understandable as it is so new. I think that operating voltage may be the most important issue, as the manual section for the BIOS does not mention any settings for RAM voltage; I can set the timings and some other options however. I am assuming, because it is not specified, that it is set for 1.8 volts.


There are two listings for 1 GB modules of DDR2-800 in an addendum to the QVL, from Kingston and NANYA. I can look into the pricing on those while I wait for a reply, but I suspect they carry a premium price, and my understanding is that only the highest end Athlon 64 models support that RAM speed, and I was planning to buy in on the low end (and am waiting to see if the promised price cuts are coming soon enough to take advantage of, or if not, I'll start out with a Sempron and upgrade after the cuts take effect.)


I'd appreciate any information relevant to this board - I could not find any reviews yet, I think that it would be immensely helpful to me to read one. My intention is to put a new system together to try out Vista beta 2, and make it my main system once I can install the final version.


Thanks in advance!


P.S. I found out that they do have this motherboard listed at K***ston, with a variety of models to choose from, so that's an option for me.

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I would suggest DDR2-533 or DDR2-667 with this MB and you would need to be running a FX CPU to run at DDR2-800 with this platform.

So VS2GBKit533D2 or VS2GBKit667D2 would be good choices.

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