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Help, Intel Mac Mini reboots with VS1GSDS667D2


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I purchased an Intel Mac Mini a couple months ago and also picked up two Corsair VS1GSDS667D2 memory modules (1GB each) from newegg.com in order to upgrade it to 2GB.


However, once the Corsair was installed, my Mini started rebooting at random in one of two ways, 1) "instantly" going blank and restarting on its own or, 2) "freezing" completely and requiring a manual power-cycle (the screen stuck on the either the last thing displayed, or full of colorful garbage graphics).


I've run the Apple Hardware Test and it claims there are no problems. However, I am unable to make it through a single cycle of memtest. Attempting to run memtest *always* causes the machine to reboot before it can finish. One time, memtest reported some errors just before the machine decided to reboot, but it usually looks like everything is going okay when it suddenly reboots.


Are the VS1GSDS667D2 modules incompatible with the Intel Mac Mini? I checked carefully when ordering and they seemed to be perfectly within the specifications. Is anyone else seeing problems like this?


Unfortunately, I didn't get around to installing the modules and discovering the problems until it was past the 30 day return window from newegg.com. I trusted that Corsair would be fine because I have had good experiences with other upgrades.


In any case, can anyone help me out, or provide any further information?



- Matt

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