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Wrong wrapping


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I picked up a ram module yesterday at Komplett in Norway.

I ordered a VS1GB400C3 (1024mb DDR-DIMM 184PIN) and also got one.. well.. the wrapping and the stoicker on the module...

When i tried to insert it to my motherboard it didnt fit, i checked it with my other Corsair ram module, and it turned out they had the hole under it on different places.


I went over to a friends house, and got confirmed that it was a DDR2 module, but in a DDR-DIMM wrapping, and witht he DDR-DIMM sticker on it!


I then contacted my supplier (Komplett) about this, and they said it wasnt the first time, and that they'd propably got a batch of alligned DDR-DIMMS (1024mb), wich actually was DDR2 modules..


Isnt this a scary blooper from Corsairs side?


And now its weekend, so i cant get a thing done with it, and when they reopen at monday, all the other modules is propably DDR2 too :S


And may i add;


You put these words on the wrapping "reliable - Qualified - Tested - Compatible"

My breakdown after this event will be that it cant be tested at all, and its definetly not compatible with what it should be :P

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If your reseller will not help you please either call our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" or follow the link in my signature "If you have submitted the RMA using the on line form and have not got a reply!"

Our Customer Service hours are from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time Monday thru Friday excluding holidays. And they will do their best to help you get this straightened out!

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