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It all went wrong

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Last year I upgraded my Dimension 4600 with an extra GB of ram. 2 x VS512MB400's. All was well until I donated my original 256 or 512 or whatever that came pre-installed to a needy family member around Christmas time


I began having random restarts, but not often enough to investigate the problem further. But then, the BSODs arrived. I re-installed WinXP... the BSODs continued. I thought I may have gone wrong with SP2. I re-installed again... it didn't even get through installation without crashing, or having write errors copying the initial setup files to RAM. I tried about ten times, no dice.


On removing one stick of the RAM, it would only post (maybe) and then hang before even asking if I wanted to boot from CD. As soon as I swapped it for the other stick, everything went back to normal. I re-installed Windows and it has been running smoothly for two weeks, no restarts and no BSODs.


Incidentally, I ran Memtest before trying to re-install, and on tests 18 and 20 there was one error each. It had been running 6+ hours before the first error occurred. With this prior knowledge, I was kind of shocked when everything went to hell so fast.

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