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Asus P5sd2-x + Vs1gb667d2

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I've been playing with this system build for quite some time now. Initially when I built it, everything ran fine. Installed windows and was off and running. The system ran for about 3 days and just reset while I was in the middle of surfing the internet, giving me some error in the BIOS. From there, I've already send in the mobo and had it returned with an updated BIOS for my CPU and have had Intel send me a new P4 630 with heatsink. With those installed, I still cannot get the system to post.


Tonight I got off the phone with ASUS and could not get a system beep with the CPU and RAM plugged in, with the video card pulled out. The tech advised that post was getting past the CPU, but not past the RAM test. I have no video and cannot get to BIOS. I'm confident that the board memory controller is OK after being tested by ASUS, so I'm thinking that the memory may have gone bad. What should I do from here? :[pouts:



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