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Memory Problem with SuperMicro P4SCT+II motherboard


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I have the TwinX2048 3200C2 memory modules. I have two sets for a total of 4GB of memory. The problem is that only 3.5 GB of memory will show up with all four modules in the motherboard. This shows up in BIOS this way as well as in Windows XP.


I just went into BIOS and it shows the following memory information:


Base Memory: 640k

Extended Memory: 3667968k

Total Memory: 3668992k


And when I reboot the computer and it checks the memory it shows the

memory total as this: 3667904k


I took out the second pair of memory modules, and turned the computer

back on. I then went into BIOS and received the following information:


Base 640k

Extended Memory 2095104k

Total 2096128k


After rebooting on POST it shows the following memory:




Windows shows 2GB of memory.


When I put the second pair in and took the first pair out I received

exactly the same information as what is shown above.


When I put all four sticks of memory in I get the 3.5 GB of RAM in both BIOS and in Windows XP.


I have checked the motherboard manual as well as the settings in BIOS and haven't found anything that would allow me to fix this.


Can you tell me what the problem is and how to fix it?


Thank you.



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Dear Ram Guy,


I don't believe I made myself understood previously. The 3.5 GB of RAM is showing up in BIOS! So the BIOS is not showing the 4 GB of RAM that it should be showing.


Also when I remove one pair of memory modules, the BIOS does show 2GB of RAM. This is consistent with either the A set or the B set of memory modules inserted.


Is this a design problem with the motherboard or possibly the memory?


I could understand if BIOS showed me 4GB of RAM and Windows XP did not. However this is not the case, and both XP and BIOS both show me 3.5 GB of RAM.


If I went with ECC memory would the BIOS show me the full 4GB of memory? I plan on using this system for 3D work with software like Lightwave and Cinema 4D and want the most memory I can get.


I appreciate the help.



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Roy that is normal, you are using the on board Video right? Please test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org if you suspect a failing module. If they all pass then I would suggest you take the missing memory issue up with the MB maker, but there is likely an explanation on their site or in the user manual.
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